Market Yourself on LinkedIn

The “job search” is a very daunting task nowadays, and in New York City especially, the competition is endless. Since I am currently going through the job search process, I have found that one of the best ways to market yourself is with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social network that can help you find career opportunities or just even expand your network and help you connect with other professionals.

When marketing yourself on LinkedIn, the first thing you want to do is make sure that your profile has all of the necessary components. It is really important to have a professional picture, making sure no one else but you is in the frame. This picture may be your first impression, so you want to make sure it is a clear, clean-cut picture. Next, your headline should state your current position, or if you are seeking a job, including what are looking for in the headline can be a good idea. Your summary should include what you are looking to do in the future, what your are interested and what related skills you have. After explaining all of your experience, organizations you are a part of and education, you want to add some of your key skills. You should probably try to come up with no less than 5 skills.


As you can see in the picture above, your connections on LinkedIn can actually endorse you for your skills, giving your profile more reliability. If you endorse your connections, it is very likely that they will reciprocate. If you need help with figuring out the best skills to include on your profile, this article can definitely help you find yours: here.

One of the number one tips out there for really marketing yourself on LinkedIn involves publishing your own content. Having your own content helps to give yourself a strong name, and get your LinkedIn profile out there and noticed. You can include topics such as your own personal career story, your perspectives on market trends, lists of helpful tools and resources relevant to your industry, etc. If you don’t have time to write your own content, an article from Forbes, found hereencourages at least sharing other people’s content. Sharing relevant articles and content related to your field can show employers that you are up to date with what is going on, and also what you are interested in.

Don’t forget to also join groups relevant to you and groups that will let you maintain relationships. For example, joining your college’s Alumni group is a great way to connect with past graduates. The alumni from your school could be working in a job role that you are interested in, or with a company you want to work for, and they could be a great person to network with and build connections off of. 

One of my last tips for marketing yourself on LinkedIn is customizing your URL. Make sure you do not keep the web URL that is provided when your sign up, as it may include a mess of letters and numbers in the address. Making your profile professional looking is KEY, so make sure your URL includes your first and last name to maintain the professional look, which also makes it easier to guide people to your profile.

Until next time…happy networking!



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