SEO Ranking

If you are someone who resides far from New York City, you probably bank on other people’s pictures and blog posts to absorb the city. What you may not think about is how you actually discover some of the blogs or websites that you read. It all comes down to proper utilization of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In my digital marketing class, taught by Professor Pepe (who’s blog you can find here), we learned that keywords are an extremely important first step in on-site SEO. The chosen target keywords for on-site SEO should be based on (1) relevance, (2) traffic, and (3) competition.


Relevance is an essential factor in selecting target keyword phrases. If a search phrase is relevant to your blog/website it should meet the searcher’s goal in the end. For example, people should not be perusing my blog if they are trying to find the best restaurants in London.

Traffic is another major factor to look at, as there is ultimately no point to a “search phrase” that no one searches. A site should focus on search phrases with a great amount of search traffic. For some assistance, there is a keyword planner available to the public from Google Ad Words.


Just to give you some perspective, some possible keywords/phrases for this blog include: Things to do in NYC, New York attractions, places to visit in New York, New York Tourism, New York travel guide, etc. Using these phrases throughout my articles can help me gain more viewers that are looking to explore NYC.

It is also vital to choose a Site Title and Tagline that is appropriate to what your website is about. Picking irrelevant titles and tags can decrease all potential awareness of your site. My site title is New York City, and my tagline is Exploring the Concrete Jungle, which I thought was appropriate because “concrete jungle” is ultimately just another way to say New York City.

Competition is another large aspect of on-site SEO. If a vast amount of websites are already targeting your precise search phrase, your website may never have much achievement.

You can always assess competition by searching for a keyword phrase on Google and checking out the websites that show up on the first page of the search results. The keyword phrases used throughout your website should stay specific to what your site offers and not broad enough to include millions of others.


If you are a web developer and curious about advanced ways to improve your site’s SEO, check out this article! Good luck!


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