Welcome to New York

Hi everyone!

Over the next semester I will be blogging for my digital marketing class about my favorite place, New York City! Although I live in Westchester County, I consider NYC to be my second home. If you’re ever looking for me, you should probably check the city streets before you check my house. Even after being abroad and traveling all over Europe, New York is still my favorite city, and I think it always will be. 

Brooklyn Bridge
Central Park

This past summer I was interning in NYC Monday-Friday, and I never got tired of the commute. Just walking to the office and taking in all of the culture around me was enough to boost my mood. Even the dreariest blocks in Midtown Manhattan are probably more interesting than most places. 

Throughout this blog I will provide you with EVERYTHING you have to know while exploring the city, including:

Hot Spots: The best places to hang out + “must-see” places

Food: Even if you are the pickiest of eaters- I’ve got you covered. You cannot properly experience NYC without tasting the food.

Culture: Culture in NYC? No way! Just Kidding. New York City is ultimately made up of immigrants from all over the globe. Their art and music are found everywhere you turn. If you are interested in immigration in NYC, check out this article: New York Values: How Immigrants Made The City.

My main goal for this blog is to help people realize that there is a lot more to NYC than just the cliché of Times Square. Make sure you keep up with me to find out all of the awesome things to do all over the five boroughs! 


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